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  • Category Website
  • Client GM Motors
  • Start Date November 2021
  • Handover January 2022
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Challenges we had to work on:

The undertaken project for GM Motors, focusing on the electrification of their gasoline cars, introduced a series of distinctive challenges. Despite an established framework, users encountered difficulties in envisioning their preferred car models as electric vehicles (EVs) and obtaining precise cost estimates for the conversion process. The existing system lacked the ability to holistically depict the EV's appearance and provide accurate calculations for the conversion costs. Furthermore, an absence of streamlined communication channels hindered direct interactions with potential buyers, resulting in potential misunderstandings and delays in decision-making.

To address the challenges presented

Interactive EV Visualization:

We introduced an advanced visualization tool enabling users to experience their chosen car models seamlessly transformed into electric vehicles. This interactive interface provides an intricate representation of the EV's appearance, highlighting specific design modifications related to electrification.

Accurate EV Conversion Cost Estimations:

Our solution incorporated an integrated module specifically designed for estimating costs associated with converting gasoline cars to electric ones. This module offers detailed and precise cost breakdowns for components, labor, and modifications essential for the electrification process.

Streamlined Communication Channels:

To facilitate direct engagement with potential EV buyers, we implemented a real-time messaging system. This channel enables buyers to seek clarifications, discuss conversion particulars, and receive timely responses, thereby reducing misunderstandings and expediting decision-making.

Personalized EV Conversion Profiles:

Our solution featured personalized profiles for EV conversion, enabling users to save their preferences, monitor modifications, and revisit their choices as needed. This functionality enhanced the overall EV conversion experience.

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In conclusion

Our solution for GM Motors included a website to promote the conversion of their gasoline cars to electric vehicles. It featured an interactive EV visualization, accurate cost estimates, easy communication, personalized profiles, data-driven insights, and a user-friendly interface. These enhancements aimed to simplify EV conversion, aid decision-making, and engage buyers in the electric vehicle trend.

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